About Us


We currently serve Elementary & Middle School students at PS 397 & PS 343, along with under-graduate and post-graduate students at the Pace University School of Education.


Our strategy to achieve this mission is to partner with Higher Education Establishments that provide tutors, and to operate in workspace donated by local businesses and organizations.


We take a flexible and pragmatic approach to each student’s learning needs. Our tutors provide academic support to re-enforce our students’ current curriculum via the revision of recently completed school work, preview of upcoming schoolwork, homework support, test prep or any focused subject learning as requested by parents or the students themselves.

We operate as a support to our children’s current school work and our tutors utilize the same methods and strategies of learning as are currently being used in the children’s school classrooms. This is considered a key issue by the teachers of our partner schools.

Our children come from a diverse range of socio-economic backgrounds and with a wide range of learning needs. 8 of our current students are enrolled on IEPs in their schools.

We pair students with tutors that will best meet their individual needs. We take into account personalities, interests, the academic expertise of the tutors, and the academic needs of the students.

Tutors spend two hours a day with the children, four days a week. Each tutor is assigned 1 to 2 students, and volunteers from 3-5 pm Monday through Thursday for an entire semester.

We foster a fun learning environment that encourages student engagement and a part of each day is spent in creative play, social interaction or physical activity.

On Fridays, students participate in art workshops supervised by Pace University professor Charlotte C. Beckett, with assistance from intern Samantha Hickman and 5-10 volunteers.





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